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Will-n-Essie's would like to thank its generous toy industry sponsors! It all started with K'NEX, a Philadelphia-area toy manufacturer with a commitment to providing top quality developmental tools for children. K'NEX became Will-n-Essie's first supporter, and with their encouragement and assistance, a sponsorship program evolved.

These sponsors ensure the quality of Will-n-Essie's lending inventory, donating new toys to each of our Toybrary locations. Some also offer additional benefits to Will-n-Essie's member families, such as discounts for their own toy purchases. Visit your local Will-n-Essie's Toybrary for Sponsor discounts and offers.

Finally, we give our deepest thanks to the churches that have donated the use of our Toybrary sites and to William P. Carey and Francis J. Carey of the W. P. Carey Foundation for the funding that made our start possible. Without these donations, we would not be able to offer such an affordable program. Thank you!