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Interested in bringing Will-n-Essie's Toybrary to your town? We are working toward the establishment of a network of non-profit Toybraries that operate according to the highest professional standards and offer the highest quality playthings for all children, in all communities and neighborhoods!

We offer Will-n-Essie's local Toybrary committees:

  • How-to: We offer assistance and tools to help with every facet of Toybrary founding and management, from fundraising, site selection and set-up to inventory selection and Toybrary management, including customized toy lending software.
  • Guidance: We consult our Toybraries regarding legal requirements relating to incorporation, insurance and legal liabilities.
  • Tax-Exempt Status: We offer the federal non-profit status that makes it possible for Will-n-Essie's local Toybaries to receive charitable grants and tax-deductible donations from individuals.
  • Donations: Our Toybraries are hallmarked by their top-quality lending inventories, built on the toys donated to each local Toybrary by our toy industry Sponsors!
  • Visibility: We actively pursue local and national publicity to benefit all of our local Toybraries.

We look forward to working with motivated individuals to organize founding committees in both urban and suburban communities. If you are interested in spearheading a project in your area, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.