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We offer two levels of family membership, plus a extended family membership.

Family memberships are designed for those using the Toybrary on a regular basis-allowing toys to be checked out for up to two weeks at a time over the course of the entire year:

  • "Blue" category membership allows up to 5 points** worth of toys to be checked out at any one time.
  • "Red" category membership allows up to 10 points** worth of toys to be checked out at any one time.

Extended Family memberships ("Yellow" category memberships) are designed for those who have little ones visit from time-to-time-for example, grandparents wanting to outfit their home with toys for a week-long visit from their out-of-town grandchildren. These memberships differ in that an individual can check out a much greater number of toys at any given time (up to 30 points** worth), but are limited to borrowing for a total of two weeks per year.

Philadelphia's Toybrary offers a special membership program for Wharton Kids Club families wishing to join at the "Blue" level. Click here for details.

Membership Dues (per YEAR):

**Note: A toy's point value is roughly related to its retail value and the majority of our inventory consists of 2- and 3- point toys. We find that, for example, families with one or two toddlers do well with the "Blue" membership, while the "Red" membership is most user-friendly for families with multiple and/or older children.